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Ardmore is a family-focused suburb of Philly with a strong sense of community and lucrative opportunities for local businesses. Get to know the area, and explore new construction and current homes for sale in Ardmore.


Welcome to Ardmore

Family-focused with a strong sense of community.
Rewind to the earliest days of Ardmore when it was originally titled “Athensville” and you will get a sense of the abundant characteristics that make it so appealing to its residents and visitors alike. Ever since Suburban Square opened in 1928, Ardmore established itself as one of the first destination shopping centers, allowing for an influx of visitors and lucrative opportunities for local businesses. Since then, it has developed into a quintessential suburb that allows families to get around easily and remain entertained.

What to Expect in Ardmore

Historical architecture with eclectic, vibrant energy.
The oldest, and largest of downtown Main Line, Ardmore could be considered the heartbeat of this well-adored area. The region still hosts many houses with classic, tasteful exteriors but also boasts newly renovated luxury condos. Famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright designed Suntop Homes, part of the Ardmore experiment that are considered to be a local hidden gem. They also helps define the caliber and distinction of the area.

The Ardmore Lifestyle

Specialty shops and superb cuisines.
Being one of the nation’s first shopping centers, it’s inevitable that the shops are there to impress and awe. Spend the day exploring Suburban Square and indulging in the area’s finest cuisine options, then end the night with a show at Ardmore Music Hall—which is known for it’s Funky Brunch and Market events.

Unexpected Appeal

Ardmore is conveniently located with the ease of getting around.
Ardmore has terrific accessibility and with its proximity to the city, it’s a perfect spot to enjoy the local scenery and catch the train downtown.

The Real Estate Market in Ardmore

The Perfect Philadelphia Suburb.
Experience the charm, convenience, and personality of the Main Line living in Ardmore. With an array of housing options and the livelihood of the town, it’s certain you can find the perfect spot to nestle into whether you’re a young professional or a family searching for their next home.

You'll Fall in Love With Ardmore

Its novelty and exemplary neighborhoods.
Known as “the Main Street on the Main Line” Ardmore has ever-changing local colors, seasonal events and active happenings are what keeps it unique, and all of its residents young at heart.

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