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8 Reasons to Live in Fitler Square

Discover the allure of Fitler Square, where rich historical architecture, green spaces, and modern amenities blend together for a unique urban living experience.

Fitler Square is a waterfront Center City neighborhood, nestled between Rittenhouse Square and Graduate Hospital! Named for the inviting Fitler Square Park, this neighborhood is known for traditional architecture style, dreamy tree-lined streets, and local artisanal eateries. Just blocks from the Schuylkill River Trail this area draws families, young professionals, and the thriving Philadelphia medical community, as it is just across the river from the city’s finest medical institutions.

1. Rich History and Culture

Fitler Square itself was created from a former brickyard by city ordinance in 1896. It was named to honor Edwin H. Fitler, a popular mayor of Philadelphia in the late 1800s. The majority of the buildings of the neighborhood date from the mid-19th to the early 20th century, and the history of the neighborhood’s development can be traced through the changing styles of its remarkably varied architecture. This architectural influence can still be seen throughout the neighborhood to this day.

2. Green Spaces and Recreation

With a lack of built-in yard space in cities, access to communal gardens, trails, and parks are an essential and sought after amenity in city living. Fitler Square has no shortage of these, with the quaint and well kept Fitler Square park brick lined with ample benches to stop and read, or sip your morning coffee. If you are looking for a more open, grassy, and spacious option, Schuylkill River Park offers plenty of room for play for little ones and furry friends alike. Schuylkill River Trail also offers long stretches of waterfront paths which connect South Philadelphia to Fairmount, beloved by walkers, bikers, and runners.

Image Credit Friends of Fitler Square Park via Facebook

3. Architectural Charm

Fitler Square is a historically preserved section of the city with many renowned builders, architects and city planners who have contributed to its classic beauty. One of the more famous and prevalent architects in this area is Frank Furness. These homes are known for their brownstone facade, angular bay windows, and slate mansard roofs. This personality is carried throughout the neighborhood’s homes with grand entryways, intricate molding, and original details. This historic charm is indicative of Fitler Square itself as a warm and welcoming community.

4. Proximity to Key Amenities

Just across the river from the city’s best medical institutions–from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to Penn Medicine and Drexel University, there is no shortage of options for health care. Similarly, Fitler Square falls within the Greenfield catchment, one of Philadelphia’s most highly rated public school districts.

When it comes to cuisine, this neighborhood is known for its corner eateries and trattorias. From Cotoletta right on Fitler Square Park to the ever popular Trattoria Carina, the food is as delicious as it is accessible.

Image Credit www.phillymag.com

5. Sense of Community

Fitler Square is a quintessential neighborhood, full of families with children who play together and adults who dine together. From Halloween trick or treating in the fall, to block parties in the summer, you will always find this neighborhood finding a reason to gather.

6. Public Safety

Due to its strong family presence and long-established community this neighborhood is known for being one of the more safe. With a strong police presence on patrol as well as neighborhood watch and ample lighting and surveillance, it is a wise choice for anyone concerned about safety while living in a city.

7. Convenient Transportation

With immediate access to I-76 and 30th Street Station just across the river, this neighborhood is extremely commute friendly, both to those working in the neighboring University City, or commuting to the suburbs and surrounding areas. For those who prefer to commute by foot or by bike, the Schuylkill River Trail seamlessly connects the North and South side of the city along its Western edge.

Image Credit www.visitphilly.com

8. Real Estate in Fitler Square

Townhouses are the most abundant type of home offered in Fitler Square; however, there are a few prestigious high rise condo buildings and walk-ups. Due to its charm and idyllic location, both demand and price are higher than other areas of the city. 

Fitler Square: A blend of historical charm and modern convenience

Fitler Square stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of historical charm, green tranquility, and modern convenience. From its architectural allure to the abundance of green spaces and proximity to key amenities, the neighborhood offers a well-rounded living experience. Fitler Square isn't just a place to live; it's a lifestyle choice embracing a unique blend of tradition, community, and contemporary living.

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